Our School Day

Our classroom is designed to provide the structure young children need to be successful while allowing for the spontaneous moments that make being a child exciting. We keep our routines consistent but allow for flexibility to keep the children engaged and the learning meaningful. The following is an example of our day.

Free Choice

Structured and unstructured learning activities. A time 

designed for children to move freely about the room and 

make decisions about how to spend their time. 

Group Clean Up

The first step in creating a classroom community where 

children are equal partners in maintaining the classroom 



 Based on the Responsive classroom approach our circle time 

is spent learning names of our peers, going over our daily 

schedule, and having group discussions. All children are 

encouraged to be active participants during this time.


Snack is served family style with the children learning how to 

serve themselves an appropriate amount of food, pour their 

own water, and of course, clean up after themselves-

which includes washing their dishes and cleaning up spills.

Outside Play

Our goal is to be outside every day. Children love to be 

outside (even in the cold weather). We will spend time 

outside weather permitting. 


All children stay and enjoy lunch (provided by the family)

This is a fun time for all of us. We share stories and enjoy 

lively conversations as well as help the children learn to 

balance eating and talking.

We plan our school year by choosing units that act as the framework for the year. These unit themes will be introduced to the children as a discussion topic, which they will then brainstorm ideas about and activities that they might enjoy. As the lessons are explored, the children may decide that they would like to learn more about a specific topic. This idea will then add to other experiences and ideas for the group. The following units make up our curriculum throughout the year: All About Me, Autumn, Art, Winter, Carpentry, Spring, and Science. (please note: these themes are flexible and easily changed due to the interests of the group)