Our Core Values

Importance of Play

Children are naturally curious and take in new information at an astonishing rate.  We encourage exploration and experimentation with raw materials as well as selecting toys, activities and materials based around the children’s interests and abilities.  All children have unique learning styles and needs, we honor all levels of development and play in our classroom. We value this time in their life to jump in puddles, dig in the dirt, and build a block tower.

Building A Strong Foundation 

Your child will be encouraged to be an active participant in their learning process.  We believe that children want to learn, and that it’s motivating when classmates and the teacher are excited about learning, too. We strive to make learning meaningful for the children we teach.  Our classroom is constructed so children are challenged to formulate questions, predict outcomes, experiment and investigate to gain new information.  These are basic skills all individuals need to be successful in future academics.

Social and Emotional Well Being

We support all aspects of a young child’s growth and development.  Their social and emotional well being are essential for future academic success.  We facilitate play between the children to help them learn how to be a caring friend, to develop empathy towards others, to resolve classroom conflicts, and to take social risks.  Our nurturing environment supports problem solving and learning to navigate the many challenging situations that arise everyday.

Building Independence 

Our daily schedule allows children the flexibility to choose between a variety of activities and materials. During morning play children can choose from developmentally appropriate activities selected to promote individual growth and interests.  The children are free to move about the room and choose from activities that are selected to stimulate their ability to make decisions, problem solve, and build their confidence.  We plan for the unexpected in our classroom because you never know when a spontaneous learning moment will happen. Children will also be challenged to build their self-help skills.  We cherish the moment when a child learns to put their coat on by themselves or to zip their jacket independently.

Oral Language and Literacy

Our print rich environment is ideal for little learners to access language in an age appropriate way.  We label our materials and provide picture schedules to promote early literacy development. We provide a classroom with a variety of materials designed to challenge your child to improve their listening skills, spoken language, and vocabulary.  We engage children in conversation, ask leading questions, and provide open ended questions to foster language development.  Our dramatic play area fosters peer to peer language to further develop age appropriate speaking and listening skills.  And our classroom library is carefully selected to provide children with a range of material based on interests and levels of learning.

Classroom Community

The classroom community plays a vital role to our program. We have purposely limited the amount of students in the group so that our classroom setting would encourage a supportive, nurturing, and close community. All children are responsible for maintaining the classroom environment. Our program is a mixed age classroom.  There are many benefits to this classroom approach for the children as well as our curriculum.  To learn more about our mixed age room and how your child can benefit from this experience, visit our blog on the Creative Clubhouse website.

A love for nature 

We feel that nature and our environment are essential to learning. We will frequently visit the Oakmont School playground to give the children opportunities to play and explore. Also, we will take trips to local parks to hike on trails, dig in the soil, and learn from what we find. Our program incorporates the importance of sustainability and recycling to help foster an appreciation for our world.