Our Community

At the Creative Clubhouse, we take pride in the our every growing community. We embrace the idea that to truly support a child, we must also support the family.

Clubhouse Fun Days

The Clubhouse Community is a tight knit group. One that is all welcoming of each other and really, really likes to have fun together. We plan monthly events together as a group in and outside of the classroom. One of our favorite places is to visit Riverbend Environmental Center. Parents also come together on their own meeting for coffee and other events while the children are at school. Our Parent Representative organizes all of that for you!

Coop Hours

We welcome our families to become a part of our everyday but volunteering their time and skill set. Parents have the option to come “work” or “play” with us to earn credit towards tuition.


We officially meet with families twice a year. Once in the Fall and then again in the Spring. However, We as the educators of your child, are always available to support you through your child’s journey. We are available through texts, phone and email on a daily basis.