“The Creative Clubhouse is a truly magical place where each child is treated with love and respect. Amy and Lauren bring a bounty of wisdom and experience into the classroom. The Creative Clubhouse is a place for children to thrive!” -Jaclyn T.

“I feel truly blessed that the Clubhouse staff are more than just a teachers. I consider them truly friends and family. They offer support in and out of the classroom.” -Amy G

“We are so happy that we sent our son to Creative Clubhouse’s enrichment program – we love the small class size, the focus on class community and cooperative projects as well as the fact that the curriculum is tailored to the students’ interests.  Our son loves going to enrichment and is so proud of the projects he brings home.”
-Kristine S

“We were looking for something to compliment the half day at our public school and we are so thrilled with the Enrichment Program through the Creative Clubhouse.  The children lead the learning and are so engaged in the classroom.  Where in the public school the curriculum mostly focuses on memorizing sight words and math, at the Clubhouse they are learning about the solar system, the environment, classic and modern art, and whatever else the children decide they want to learn more about.  The nurturing and supportive teachers are amazing and the cozy classroom make for a great learning environment”
-Brandi F

“We’ve been so happy with our experience at the Creative Clubhouse! Grace is excited and engaged in the many activities she’s a part of. The class size is perfect. The kids are able to play, create and explore their interests. This program is the perfect compliment to her AM kindergarten class! She’s lucky to be a part of this group!”
-Jen G.